"My deep thanks for your wonderful skills, care and attention, I greatly appreciate your dual focus on both the medical and aesthetic issues. I feel very fortunate to have received your professional services."

Linda G, 2014

"Being a foreigner, I approached your clinic with apprehension and a degree of doubt. Your professional and compassionate attitude not only made me feel at ease, I felt very fortunate to consult you for my two teenage daughters too."

Mrs. R, visiting from Middle-East

"Being diagnosed with breast cancer is frightening but Ms Roy made the experience much more bearable. She explained all the options, she expedited all the tests and procedures as quickly as possible and I had complete confidence in her clinical judgement and care. In addition, she was concerned that the cosmetic result was as good as possible. That might not seem so important when you are initially diagnosed, but to be treated as a whole person from the start put things into perspective and made it much easier for me to cope with the whole process."

Roz Spiro, 2015