Surgery for Breast Cancer

The breast cancer has one of the highest survival rates amongst all cancers and this is due to the advances in treatment and research. Thus there are several women who are living with the scars and after-effects of the cancer treatment.

Therefore, breast cancer surgery now focusses on not just removing the cancer but also improving the aesthetic outcome to improve the overall quality of life, named as 'Oncoplastic Breast Surgery'. Miss Roy has special interest in breast conservation surgery and would be discussing the options best suited to you during the consultation, making sure that cancer outcomes are not compromised. You would be provided written or electronic information to go through and comprehend, after the initial consultation, before making the final decision. You would also be given an opportunity to talk to another patient who has undergone similar surgery in the past. You would be supported by a breast care nurse though your treatment.

Breast reconstruction after previous mastectomy

This refers to undergoing breast reconstruction some time after having had simple mastectomy.

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Fat Transfer

This procedure involves sucking out fat from unwanted areas and injecting into breast to improve the contour or increase the size of the reconstructed breast.

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Lumpectomy / Wide Local Excision

This refers to removing the cancerous lump with a margin of normal tissue all around.

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Lumpectomy and partial breast reconstruction (LICAP Flap)

This refers to lumpectomy and reconstruction of the defect created by removing the cancer.

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Lymph node Surgery

The most common lymph node surgery that is recommended for breast cancer is referred to as 'Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy'.

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Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction

This involves removing the breast tissue and recreating the breast mould at the same time.

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Nipple reconstruction and Areolar Tattoing

The nipple reconstruction is often carried out as a separate procedure after the breast reconstruction has been performed.

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Revisional breast surgery

Breast reconstruction with implants usually requires revision or intervention after some years, in order to keep up with the cosmetic outcome.

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Simple Mastectomy

This involves removing the entire breast leaving a flat chest on that side, with a horizontal/curved scar.

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Therapeutic mammaplasty

This involves lumpectomy along with local rearrangement of breast tissues, resulting in smaller uplifted breast (similar to breast reduction or uplift)

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Breast Problems

Do you have breast symptoms or wish to discuss treatment for breast cancer or consider reconstruction?

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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Not happy with the size or shape of your breasts?

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